solarsyphonThe SolarSyphon is a lower cost installation alternative to traditional twin coil solar cylinders and provides faster hot water as well being eco-friendly.

This innovative hot water system, which can be easily connected to your existing hot water cylinder, delivers solar heated water straight to the top of your hot water tank where it then stratifies, is stored at high temperature and is ready for immediate use.

Regardless of the weather, the Solasyphon can produce useable hot water, with only one hour of sunshine generating one hour’s worth of hot water for the end-user.

No replacement cylinder is required and due to this straight-forward installation process, the existing plumbing system in a building will not be interfered with.

Benefits of using the Solasyphon System

  • Easy to install
  • Faster hot water
  • Cheaper costs for end user
  • Cheaper installation costs
  • Eco-friendly


  • Shell height 800mm
  • Overall height (with connections) 1000mm
  • Shell diameter 75mm
  • Overall diameter (with insulation jacket) 12mm
  • Weight (when empty) 5.37kg
  • Weight (when full) 7.67kg
  • Primary fluid capacity 0.5lt
  • Heat exchanger surface area m2/lit secondary water content 0.5 m2/lit
  • Max working pressure 5 bar

Cylinder Details

  • Flow (Indirect only)
  • Return (Indirect only)
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Check and expansion valve
  • Temperature & pressure relief valve
  • Tundish
  • Immersion heater
  • Thermostat
  • Cold feed tube (not supplied)
  • Hot water outlet
  • Flexible hose
  • Secondary return 1/2 BSPF Conex 645 tee piece (not supplied)
  • Comissioning valve
  • Combined cold feed elbow
    and drain cock
  • Cable entry
  • Electrical boxes
  • Tee piece
  • Discharge pipe (not supplied)
  • Motorised valve (not factory fitted)

Help and Advice for Plumbers

Where can I find a copy of the wiring diagram for the MaxiPod?

The technical downloads section of the Copper Industries website has a copy you can access online or print.

Building Control is asking for the standing heat losses for the cylinder I’m installing. Can you provide that?

Yes, contact us directly with the capacity, model and specification of your cylinder and we’ll provide you with the standing heat loss per day specific to the cylinder being installed.

What grade of cylinder do I need?

Copper Industries manufacture our copper cylinders in the 3 grades described in BS 1566; Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. The cylinders are graded depending on the thickness of material used to cope with different operating conditions. Grade 3 cylinders are made from 0.7 – 1.2 mm thick copper and are designed to cope with a maximum working head of 10 metres. Copper Industries only recommend this grade of cylinder operating within the stated parameters and connected to a reservoir or similar high quality water supply. Grade 2 cylinders are slightly thicker (0.9 – 1.4 mm) and are designed to work with a maximum working head of 15 metres. A Grade 2 cylinder would be recommended for most vented installations. Finally, Grade 1 cylinders have the highest material thickness (1.2 – 2.0 mm) and are designed to work with pressurized systems which have a maximum working head of up to and including 25 metres. Sacrificial anodes are also available for hard water areas. CAUTION: not all cylinder manufacturers classify their cylinders in the same way. If in doubt contact us directly.

Can I install an unvented cylinder in an apartment?

Technically yes but it is not always practical and depends on the incoming mains water pressure available in each case. If the mains water pressure is low we would recommend one of the cylinders from our combination unit range.

Do you supply horizontal unvented hot water cylinders?

Yes we do, available in a limited range of sizes both direct and indirect configurations.

I have been asked if I can carry out maintenance on an unvented cylinder, what procedures would this entail?

Full details of the maintenance requirements for cylinders are contained in the installation and user guide supplied with every cylinder. Please contact us if an additional copy is required. It is important to for you to be aware that current Building Regulations require that the installation and maintenance of unvented (mains pressure) cylinders be carried out by a competent person who holds a recognised unvented cylinder qualification.

Can the cylinders be supplied with immersion elements?

Yes, the unvented cylinder models are generally supplied with two immersion heaters however custom configurations with a combination of 3, 6 and 9 kW immersions are available on request.

What type and size of cylinder is the best to buy?

There are many variables affecting the right choice of cylinder for your installation. If in doubt please contact us for advice on which of our products is most applicable for your needs. (We provide an online tool for you to calculate your recommended storage capacity which you can find by going to our calculator page)

Can I use your cylinders with an Aga/Raeburn range?

Yes, provided the correct type and model of vented cylinder is used, contact us for further details.

I cannot get sufficient pressure/flow rate, what can I do?

If you have a vented cylinder fed from a header tank, you could consider installing an unvented mains pressure cylinder or thermal store.

Do your unvented cylinders come complete with expansion vessel and control devices?

Copper Industries unvented cylinders are supplied with all necessary components, an expansion vessel and control devices.