30% of the payback from a solar panel system comes directly from your hot water cylinder.
SolarPod hot Water Cylinder

Our SolarPod makes sure you get maximum payback. Our twin coil and triple coil SolarPods are specifically designed to work in conjunction with domestic heating systems.

Our solar cylinders are manufactured with either twin or triple independent coils.

One or two coils are designed to transfer heat from an independent heating source, (eg. transferring heat from a central heating boiler or solid fuel boiler to the water in the solar cylinder) and the solar coil, which is manufactured from high efficiency finned tubes with a large surface area, to transfer heat from the solar panels into the solar hot water cylinder.


The boiler coil, which (if fitted) is manufactured to BS 1566, can be supplied as high recovery to reduce boiler cycling. Cylinder connection sizes can be specified as 22mm or 28mm compression.

The high efficiency solar coil is fitted with a 22mm compression and with all connections protruding beyond the insulation. This makes our twin or triple coil SolarPod one of the most efficient solar panel systems manufactured in the UK.

The cylinders are available in three grades – Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, with Grade 3 generally being selected for normal domestic use.

Grades 1 & 2 are made from heavier material and are most often used where there is a greater working head of water or where improved durability is required.

Alternative heights and diameters are also available in our range of solar cylinders where space and water volumes are at a premium. In general, solar cylinders are sized to suit the number of house holders and the solar thermal panel surface area.

How It Works



Exc. Insulation
SP 120 1.0 Bar 120 Ltrs 1050x400mm 2 Off
SP 135 1.0 Bar 135 Ltrs 1200x400mm 2 Off
SP 148 1.0 Bar 148 Ltrs 1300x400mm 2 Off
SP 160 1.0 Bar 160 Ltrs 1400x400mm 2 Off
SP 172 1.0 Bar 172 Ltrs 1500x400mm 2 Off
SP 209 1.0 Bar 209 Ltrs 1800x400mm 2 Off
SP 144 1.0 Bar 144 Ltrs 1050x450mm 2/3 Off
SP 168 1.0 Bar 168 Ltrs 1200x450mm 2/3 Off
SP 184 1.0 Bar 184 Ltrs 1300x450mm 2/3 Off
SP 200 1.0 Bar 200 Ltrs 1400x450mm 2/3 Off
SP 216 1.0 Bar 216 Ltrs 1500x450mm 2/3 Off
SP 264 1.0 Bar 264 Ltrs 1800x450mm 2/3 Off
SP174 1.0 Bar 174 Ltrs 1050x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 203 1.0 Bar 203 Ltrs 1200x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 223 1.0 Bar 223 Ltrs 1300x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 242 1.0 Bar 242 Ltrs 1400x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 261 1.0 Bar 261 Ltrs 1500x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 300 1.0 Bar 300 Ltrs 1800x500mm 2/3 Off
SP 248 1.0 Bar 248 Ltrs 1050x600mm 2/3 Off
SP 289 1.0 Bar 289 Ltrs 1200x600mm 2/3 Off
SP 317 1.0 Bar 317 Ltrs 1300x600mm 2/3 Off
SP 345 1.0 Bar 345 Ltrs 1400x600mm 2/3 Off
SP 373 1.0 Bar 373 Ltrs 1500x600mm 2/3 Off
SP 456 1.0 Bar 456 Ltrs 1800x600mm 2/3 Off