MagmaPod Buffer Tanks / Calorifiers

MagmaPod Buffer Tank Calorifiers are available in copper, mild or stainless steel, dependent on size.

Copper Industries designs and manufactures a wide range of calorifiers for commercial and industrial use, some with up to 10,000 litres capacity. The MagmaPod range of calorifiers are always manufactured to relevant British Standards and our range and specifications are being constantly developed. Sizing and technical advice are readily available to ensure each unit is suitable for the capacity and pressure required.

We offer a full bespoke buffer tank design service, including preliminary design sketches if required. We can respond to requests from specifiers, contractors and engineers quickly and competitively. Our skilled production team ensures that the final buffer tank solution meets the customer’s exact specification.

Our MagmaPod calorifiers are generally produced from copper which has excellent long life qualities. Other materials like mild and stainless steel are available but mainly for larger capacity units due to their higher strength.

Calorifier Types: Primary Heaters

Direct and indirect units come in standalone models which can be mounted on steel rings and are fully insulated, whatever the size. Indirect units can have either a fixed coil or a removable ‘U’ battery, both suitable for water or steam. Fixed coil types are more economical. Access holes can be added if maintenance is required.


There are many options/specifications available. Please contact our office for more information on 028 7965 9736.

Immersion Heaters

MagmaPod calorifiers are as standard supplied with 67mm (2.65in) immersion bossees and can be supplied with up to 18kW to fit these. Flanges can be fitted to take more highly rated immersions which we can also supply on request. Control panels are also available on request.

Thermal Insulation

Polyurethane foam lagging is very economical however injected insulation with a galvanised steel or aluminium casing is also available.

Rapid Recovery

State the re-heat time required and what kW input is needed and a primary heater will be designed to suit.

De-stratification Pumps

These can be fitted with the appropriate internal pipework to suit. De-stratification Pumps eliminate the risk of legionella.

Plate Heat Exchangers

These can be linked to calorifiers for high peak demand.
A complete range of gauges and valves are available, please ask for details.


Custom sized cylinders can be made on request. Please contact us for more information.

450 litres – 1800 x 600mm 1100 litres – 1900 x 900mm
600 litres – 1800 x 675mm 1250 litres – 2175 x 900mm
700 litres – 2150 x 675mm 1400 litres – 2400 x 900mm
700 litres – 1700 x 750mm 1400 litres – 1800 x 1050mm
800 litres – 1950 x 750mm 1800 litres – 2300 x 1050mm
900 litres – 2200 x 750mm 2000 litres – 1950 x 1200mm
1000 litres – 2400 x 750mm 2300 litres – 2250 x 1200mm
1000 litres – 1750 x 900mm 2500 litres – 2450 x 1200mm