HotHead hot water cylinders combine a traditional approach to hot water storage with an innovative new internal heat exchanger (patent pending) designed to encourage thermal stratification in the stored water, providing the user with a faster response to their hot water demands.

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The funnelled heat exchanger transfers the heat supplied to hot water cylinders through a highly efficient finned coil to a reduced volume of water, delivering fast hot water by increasing its temperature faster before encouraging it to rise away from, and drawing cooler water into, the heat exchange area by using the natural difference in buoyancy between hot and cold water. The funnel then guides the water directly to where it can be extracted by the consumer and prevents it from being cooled down through mixing with the rest of the water in the cylinder. The high efficiency heat exchanger coil tubing used in our hot water cylinders has been certified up to 130°C and 28 bar and is suitable for use with a number of glycol and antifreeze mixes commonly used in renewable technology applications.

HotHead hot water cylinders are manufactured to the same high quality standards as all of the other products in our range and, as with the rest of our products, fully customized HotHead cylinders can be made available on request. All of our products come with aftersales support.

Why Choose a Stratifying Cylinder?

The thermal stratification of hot water allows for the optimal use of a thermal energy store in three specific ways:

Decreases the start-up and recovery thermal response times of the installed system,
Reduces stored energy losses, and
Ensures the heat exchanger inlet temperature is kept as low as possible, increasing the efficiency of the system – an important factor when incorporating a solar thermal system as this affects the performance of the solar collector.

Why Choose Copper?

Copper is a well-known, trusted, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable material with no loss in material properties or quality. Recycled copper meets 42% of the European copper demand, using only 15% of the energy required in extracting new raw materials, making it sustainable, environmentally friendly and the most recycled plumbing material available today.

Copper also has a long and established history of being used in conveying clean, safe drinking water because of its natural antibacterial properties and inherent health benefits making it a well trusted, tried and tested material for water supply and storage. (Adapted from: UK Copper Board)

Indirect Open Vented Hothead Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect Open Vented Hothead Cylinder

Indirect Unvented Hothead Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect Unvented Hothead Cylinder

Indirect Open Vented Twin-Coil Hothead Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect Open Vented Twin-Coil Hothead Cylinder

Indirect Unvented Twin-Coil Hothead Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect Unvented Twin-Coil Hothead Cylinder


The performance of HotHead™ hot water cylinders has been extensively tested both at Copper Industries™ in-house test facility and in conjunction with the University of Ulster. As the graphs demonstrate, when compared with a conventional non-stratifying cylinder under identical conditions the HotHead™ hot water cylinder creates a useable volume of water faster than its more conventional counterpart.